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Torino, November 16th, 2015, 7:20 pm ( Reply )

- Unfortunately, SC is going to have to go on hiatus again. I know, I know. I'm a terrible webcomic artist and this arc would have been finished months ago if it werent for all the hiatuses it has had to have. But there's no way around this one.
I currently have RSI in my drawing hand from over-exertion and for a while I literally could not even hold my tablet pen. A biro or pencil was ok (although it hurt to use) but probably because the tablet pen was thicker, I couldnt even properly close my fingers around it. It was impossible to draw like that. Because of this, the page never got done for its intended upload date (today).

The good news is that it's getting better. The bad news is I can not overexert it any more or its going to make it even worse. Right now, there are three things I need to use my writing/drawing hand for extensively - drawing this comic, drawing commissions and studying like mad for the JLPTN2 in a few weeks. (It was all the studying that broke my hand to begin with, actually). I can't keep at all 3 of these things without endangering my hand more. The study is necessary for the exam, and I can't not draw commissions that people have already paid for, but I have to draw them a lot slower. Which means it's Southern Cross that has to take a break for the time being.

The exam is on December 6th, so hopefully SC can resume around that time. I'm aiming for Tuesday the 8th.

Sorry again for all the hiatuses and please remember to do the proper hand exercises regularly if you use your writing/drawing hand too much to prevent these kind of injuries.

Advertisement, November 16th, 2018, 2:45 pm ( Reply )


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What exactly is RSI? (Or at least what does it stand for so I can google it)

Edit: NVM, repetitive strain injury. Sorry, it's just that there was a million things that RSI stood for.

I hope your hand gets better!

posted by ParaFox on November 16th, 2015, 10:15 pm

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Ahhh! *hugs and pets the Bringer of Hobart* You just rest and take all the time you need to get better. Poor little thing...

posted by Mastakazam (Guest) on November 17th, 2015, 4:54 am

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